About Us


The Intergo team embodies a perfect blend of youthful ambition and seasoned expertise. We take pride in delivering exceptional results while nurturing our clients’ growth. With our roots grounded in the startup ecosystem, we understand the pain points of entrepreneurs who have remarkable products/services but struggling to find a way to deliver it to the world. Our mission is to give your business the kick it needs to thrive.

Over the years, we have grown alongside our clients, serving startups, SMEs, enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies.

Let’s join hands and bring value to the world by showcasing your amazing product or service. Together, we’ll make a lasting impact and achieve the growth your business deserves.

We Work with Brands Globally

We Work with Brands Globally


Meet the people behind your project

Account Managers

Our Account Managers cater to your every need, outlining objectives to launch successful campaigns, monitoring progress, and delivering regular reports and status updates. With experienced industry professionals in every niche, we will match you with the most relevant account manager to lead your project effectively



Enhance your outbound lead nurturing by leveraging our dedicated SDRs who possess hands-on experience in your industry. Our team’s SDRs, with expertise in over 30+ industries, can tailor their approach to resonate with your target audience. They qualify leads, book appointments, and ensure every prospect arrives well-informed and ready to engage with your sales rep.

Lead Researchers

Our team of researchers goes to great depths to discover data and markets that align with your ICP. By utilizing their distinctive methodologies and techniques, we provide you with a fresh perspective on your prospects’ decision-making habits, offering valuable insights into their preferences.


Content Writers

Our content-writers serve as invaluable supporters for your project, polish every line of your email and messaging sequence to ensure each word strikes a chord. Their expertise lies in crafting highly personalized emails that effectively engage your top prospects, resulting in increased response rates and meaningful interactions.