You and your team facing one of those challenges:

  • Your leads aren’t closing
  • You’ve got no time to build an in-house sales team / You don’t have time to hire and train an inbound SDR team.
  • You’re stuck and need more appointments.
  • You need to enrich your pipeline with high-quality leads on a regular basis / You lack quality leads
  • Haven’t used outbound, but want to leverage this channel
  • Your lead-to-demo conversion rate is low.
  • Haven’t used outbound, but want to leverage this channel
  • The cost to have a professional inhouse SDR team is too high

You want:

  • …to generate more qualified leads at a much faster rate
  • …my sales team to attend more sales appointments
  • …to generate more opportunities from your virtual and physical events
  • …to grow our business across new markets and territories

BPO is your one for all solution as it’s provide:

  • Quality and well-trained SDR with price that less than half of your inhouse staff
  • Fast and simple service to start, with a fixed price and no training time or effort needed.
  • Change to another SDR without hassle if you don’t get the result as you expected.
  • Free of mind, stop worrying about your staff’s taxes or social insurance.
  • Relief pressure on your HR department, giving you more time to focuses on what really matters, to develop and grow.

Take your sales to the next level and kick the demand for your product or service up like